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Premium Brands

Information on premium brands of writing instruments

A look at the positive impact engraved custom pens can have on your business

Posted May 2014 by Inder Brar
Not all pens are suitable for engraving; they need to be made from some type of metal, or another high quality material

Tips to improve your penmanship

Posted May 2014 by Inder Brar
First and foremost, you need a well-made pen; if you're genuinely interested in improving your handwriting..

Why business owners choose the Parker Vector pen for their advertising campaigns

Posted May 2014 by Inder Brar
The Parker Vector pen is a particularly popular choice for promotional campaigns..

Why Parker pens are still a firm favourite

Posted June 2013 by Inder Brar
Parker pens are considered to be the epitome of craftsmanship and style. Branded pens made by Parker and printed with your business details are...