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Printed Pencils

Information and advice on printed pencils

Which back to school promotional products will you be using this year?

Posted August 2014 by Inder Brar
In this article, we'll be taking a look at some of the best promotional products to use at the beginning of the academic year.

Why promotional mechanical pencils are a fantastic way to boost business

Posted May 2014 by Inder Brar
One of the main advantages of mechanical pencils over other types of promotional pencils is that they never need to be sharpened...

Tips for buying printed pencils

Posted May 2014 by Inder Brar
Those who are unfamiliar with promotional merchandise, or who are just starting to experiment with different ways to advertise their business..

Why there will always be a place for pens and pencils

Posted August 2013 by Inder Brar
When inspiration strikes, and you want to record your idea quickly before it disappears, or when you need to scribble down a phone number or a name, it's far easier to grab a pen or a pencil...