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Tips for buying printed pencils

Posted May 2014 by Inder Brar

Those who are unfamiliar with promotional merchandise, or who are just starting to experiment with different ways to advertise their business, usually think of things like pens and mugs when they hear the term 'promo products'. However, whilst it's true that these items are frequently used for advertising purposes, things like branded pencils are just as popular and more importantly, just as effective.

There's a certain sense of nostalgia attached to pencils, as most of us associate them with our schooldays. But whilst printed pencils can be used to advertise your business at schools, they can also be used at conferences and at any other events within the building industry (particularly anything to do with carpentry). If you intend to incorporate these items into your advertising campaign, here are a few things which you should keep in mind before you hit the 'buy' button. 

If you're an eco-friendly company and want to let people know about this aspect of your business, promotional pencils are a great way to do this; but it is important to ensure that you choose the right type of pencil. Generally speaking, wooden pencils with a simple design are best, as wood is of course biodegradable. Even if you are not taking the eco-friendly angle when it comes to promoting your company, you should still give some thought as to the particular type of pen that you want to use.

There are a huge variety available, but the two broad categories which most printed pencils fit into are wooden or mechanical. As mentioned above, wooden pencils work well for school and eco-friendly promotions, and in addition to this, are an affordable option for conferences. However, if you're customers are in the building trade, or are artists, you may want to opt for mechanical printed pencils - these come in a wide range of styles, including plastic, budget friendly ones, as well as high-end metal ones, which can be engraved with your company's contact info.

Another important point to consider is how you intend to personalise the pencils. If you choose, for example, brilliantly bright, rainbow coloured pencils, this is sure to catch the eye of your customer, but it may not be a suitable option if you want to print your business name in bright colours too, as the text may get lost amongst the rainbow tones of the pencil itself