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Tips to improve your penmanship

Posted May 2014 by Inder Brar

Because a lot of us spend our time online these days, and use a word processor or our Smartphone when we need to write something, it's safe to say many people's penmanship is not quite as tidy, elegant or precise as it once was. The quality of your handwriting can go downhill quite quickly if you're not using this skill often enough. However, the good news is that there are several steps you can take to make sure that your penmanship is neat and legible.

First and foremost, you need a well-made pen; if you're genuinely interested in improving your handwriting, it's worth taking some time to choose a design which is ergonomic, so that the pen is easier to write with. Although people have differing opinions on which branded pens are the most comfortable, Contour pens, which come with an easy to grip handle, or any pens from a high end company like Parker, are both good choices. A lot of business owners opt for printed pens from these two manufacturers, due to their high quality - as such, they're a safe bet if you're not too sure which pen you should opt for.

One of the key features of neat handwriting is uniformity - pay attention to the consistency of your letters, and try to stick to just one style when it comes to things like spacing, slants and flourishes. The letters should all be the same angle and should be pointing in the same direction. If you're handwriting has, up until this point, been quite messy and inconsistent, you may find making your words uniform a little tricky at first. Slow down and try to practice writing out sentences several times, until writing tidily becomes automatic.

How you hold your pen will also affect the way your handwriting looks; generally speaking, the more tightly you hold on, the more illegible your words will become. Ideally, you should hold the pen so that it sits between your thumb and your forefinger, and then gently rest it against your middle finger. However, it's not just about your fingers - your posture also determines the quality of your penmanship. If you want your handwriting to be neat and flowing, you should be sitting straight, rather than hunched over, with both of your feet should be placed flat the floor. As well as relaxing your grip on the pen, as mentioned earlier, you also need to relax your arms and shoulders, as this will allow the pen to glide across the page.