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Why business owners choose the Parker Vector pen for their advertising campaigns

Posted May 2014 by Inder Brar

If you are in the process of building your brand and are trying to find an effective way to do this, you might want to consider using Parker Vector pens as your promotional merchandise. There are of course, hundreds of different pen brands which can be used for these purposes, but Parker is one of the most famous pen manufacturers in the world, and is renowned for producing quality writing instruments, and so are ideal if you really want to impress your prospects. Moreover, whilst Parker Pens have a high perceived value, they are not actually that expensive, particularly if they are bought in bulk.

The Parker Vector pen is a particularly popular choice for promotional campaigns. There are many reasons for this; to begin with, it is very well made and extremely dependable. Featuring a free ink system, it produces clear, rich lines, much like a fountain pen does, and comes with a cap to ensure the ink does not dry up. It's also very elegant, in terms of its appearance, and has all of the hallmarks of a high end pen, despite its affordable price.

As such, it's the ideal option if you're not in a position to splurge, but still want to give your clients something special, which will leave them with a good impression of your company. Like it or not, brand names matter, and clients will judge your business based on the quality of the promotional pens you give them. The Parker Vector is immediately associated with craftsmanship and luxury, and so using it as part of your promotional campaign will ensure that people view your company as generous and well-established.

The Vector is also favoured by business owners due to the way in which it is presented; it comes in a beautiful Parker presentation box as standard. Appearances are important when it comes to promoting your business, and a printed pen presented in an elegant box will do far more for your brand than one which is simply handed out in a goodie bag.

In addition, it has plenty of print area, with a generously sized barrel, as well as a relatively big cap, on which you can also have your business name printed. A lot of other high pens have very narrow barrels, meaning that there is a limited amount of space for printing, which defeats the purpose of buying a promotional pen in the first place!