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Full Colour Products

More and more customers are now requiring full colour print, we have pens, pencils and highlighters that can be printed in full colour to make your brand stand out.

Vision Bright Ballpen
Vision Bright Ballpen ›

From £0.56

The Vision bright pen offers a large branding area with 6 bright trim colours to choose from. Black rubber grip. Features ever smooth ink.…
MIN QTY: 250

Abacus Ballpen FCP
Abacus Ballpen FCP ›

From £0.51

The Abacus is a colourful retractable ballpen specifically designed with innovative printing processes in mind that allow the reproduction…
MIN QTY: 500

Auto Tip Pencil FCP
Auto Tip Pencil FCP ›

From £0.49

The autotip pencil features a pressure-sensitive, fully automatic mechanism to propel the lead as you write. This coupled with its ability…
MIN QTY: 500

Bic Media Clic Grip Digital Ballpen
Bic Media Clic Grip Digital Ballpen ›

From £0.70

The Bic media clic grip ballpen features conmfortable grip with a barrel that can be printed in full colour. Choice of grip and clip colours…
MIN QTY: 500

Bic Media Max Digital Ballpen
Bic Media Max Digital Ballpen ›

From £0.73

Bic Media Max is Europes best selling wide profirl retractable ballpen. Extra wide barrel for maximum print area with a soft sleek grip…
MIN QTY: 500

Bic Super Clip Ballpen
Bic Super Clip Ballpen ›

From £0.62

The all new Bic super clip ballpen offers an XXL clip offering an unrivalled branding area. Available in a large choice of mix and match…
MIN QTY: 250

Colorama Plus Ballpen
Colorama Plus Ballpen ›

From £0.40

Colorama Plus ballpen offers a large branding area and a choice of 10 trim colours to suit your artwork. Features ever smooth ink.
MIN QTY: 250

Contour Digital Ballpen
Contour Digital Ballpen ›

From £0.28

Newly patented barrel has been designed to exploit the full potential of the digital printing process. This allows for a degree of print…
MIN QTY: 250

Corporate Cap Ballpen FCP
Corporate Cap Ballpen FCP ›

From £0.36

Stylish capped stickpen with a generous print area. Suitable for multicolour and full-colour printing.
MIN QTY: 500

Duo Highlighter FCP
Duo Highlighter FCP ›

From £0.65

Double ended highlighter with Pink and Yellow nibs capable of being printed in Full Colour.
MIN QTY: 250

Fotofinish Ballpen FCP
Fotofinish Ballpen FCP ›

From £0.43

Competively priced retractable ballpen which allows you to communicate your advertising message using 4-Colour Process designs applied to…
MIN QTY: 500

FSC Carpenter Pencil FCP
FSC Carpenter Pencil FCP ›

From £0.38

Traditional flat carpenter pencil made from FSC certified wood. Suitable for both multicolour printing and full colour printing.
MIN QTY: 250

Full Colour Highlighter Pen
Full Colour Highlighter Pen ›

From £0.82

Twist action ballpoint pen and long lasting yellow highlighter in one. Soft rubber grip. A clear prtective cap keeps the highlighter ink…
MIN QTY: 250

Futura Digital Ballpen
Futura Digital Ballpen ›

From £0.66

Quality ballpen with satin chrome trim. Communicate your advertising messages, corporate logos, brands, products and services using a 360°…
MIN QTY: 500

Gallery Ballpen
Gallery Ballpen ›

From £0.78

Classic style plastic pen with removeable cap.
MIN QTY: 250

Helios Highlighter FCP
Helios Highlighter FCP ›

From £0.66

Quality flat highlighter manufactured in imprintable plastic with a Full Colour Print design. Highlighter contains 5 popular colours. Please…
MIN QTY: 100

Key Shuttle Ballpen FCP
Key Shuttle Ballpen FCP ›

From £0.26

Mini rectractable ballpen with keyring attachment. Full colour printing available on both sides of the pen.
MIN QTY: 250

Kite Ballpen FCP
Kite Ballpen FCP ›

From £0.35

Integrated ballpen that also serves as a bookmark. Incorporated with our Full Colour printing service, this makes it the ideal choice for…
MIN QTY: 250

Magnet Pen FCP
Magnet Pen FCP ›

From £0.50

Flat magnetic ballpen with the ability to be printed in full colour to one side of the pen makes it the ideal promotional product.
MIN QTY: 250

Magnipen FCP
Magnipen FCP ›

From £0.50

Unique retractable ballpen with a sliding mechanism, that offers a magnifying glass once the nib is showing. Available with a full colour…
MIN QTY: 250

Recycled Pencil Sharpener (Silver) FCP
Recycled Pencil Sharpener (Silver) FCP ›

From £0.34

Pencil Sharpener made from recycled vending cups in painted silver. Price includes White print on silver surface - to ensure a better full…
MIN QTY: 250

Snap Eraser (Rectangular) FCP
Snap Eraser (Rectangular) FCP ›

From £0.49

With a patented solid centre design your corporate message will not be compromised when the product is used. Six eye-catching colours to…
MIN QTY: 100

Snappy Pen FCP
Snappy Pen FCP ›

From £0.50

Folding pen with snap-lock mechanism. Can be personalised on barrel and cap. Available with line and full colour printing. The Snappy…
MIN QTY: 250

Spectrum Ballpen FCP
Spectrum Ballpen FCP ›

From £0.31

Quality push-button retractable ballpen with chrome trim and a comfortable rubber grip in a range of 8 different colours.
MIN QTY: 250

Spectrum Max Ballpen FCP
Spectrum Max Ballpen FCP ›

From £0.41

The new profile offers a 25% larger print area than the standard Spectrum Ballpen.
MIN QTY: 250

Spectrum Max Colour Ballpen FCP
Spectrum Max Colour Ballpen FCP ›

From £0.59

New profile barrel for the Spectrum Max to offer a 25 percent increase in print area.
MIN QTY: 250

Squiggle Deluxe Ballpen
Squiggle Deluxe Ballpen ›

From £0.62

The Squiggle deluxe ballpen comes with an art deco chrome clip and soft rubber grip for writing comfort. Large branding area on the barrel.…
MIN QTY: 250

Supersaver Foto Ballpen FCP
Supersaver Foto Ballpen FCP ›

From £0.50

Colourful retractable ballpen designed specifically to enable a 360° barrel print. Push-button ballpen available in a choice of 8 trim…
MIN QTY: 500

Tri-Click Ballpen FCP
Tri-Click Ballpen FCP ›

From £0.27

Triangular barrel and unique design clip. Available for both line and full colour printing.
MIN QTY: 250

Triangular Highlighter FCP
Triangular Highlighter FCP ›

From £0.49

Three highlighters in one. Manufactured from imprintable plastic.
MIN QTY: 100

Triside Pencil Range FCP
Triside Pencil Range FCP ›

From £0.27

Triangular pencil with domed end. Can be printed in full colour on each side. Supplied sharpened.
MIN QTY: 250