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Staff Picks

A range of pens that our staff use on a regular basis and are highly recommended.

Vision Bright Ballpen
Vision Bright Ballpen ›

From £0.56

The Vision bright pen offers a large branding area with 6 bright trim colours to choose from. Black rubber grip. Features ever smooth ink.…
MIN QTY: 250

Alaska Frost Ballpen
Alaska Frost Ballpen ›

From £0.17

The great value Alaska Frost Ballpen is an attractive twist action promotional ballpen with a frosted finish and a stylish silver trim. This…
MIN QTY: 250

Alpine Gold Ballpen
Alpine Gold Ballpen ›

From £0.17

Traditional cap-action ballpen with gilt trim and jumbo refill as standard. Available on a Express Service
MIN QTY: 250

Ascari Ballpen
Ascari Ballpen ›

From £2.30

The Ascari ballpoint pen features high gloss lacquer with chrome fittings. Available in White, Blue, Red and Black. Fitted with quality…
MIN QTY: 100

Bic 4 Colours Ballpen
Bic 4 Colours Ballpen ›

From £1.33

The original Bic 4 colours ballpen, this pen offers unbeatable value for money, when one considers it’s really four pens in one. With…
MIN QTY: 250

Bic Media Clic Ballpen
Bic Media Clic Ballpen ›

From £0.29

The Bic Media Clic ballpen features anInnovative retracting mechanism. Available in a range of 20 solid and frosted barrel colours and 13…
MIN QTY: 500

Colorama Plus Ballpen
Colorama Plus Ballpen ›

From £0.40

Colorama Plus ballpen offers a large branding area and a choice of 10 trim colours to suit your artwork. Features ever smooth ink.
MIN QTY: 250

Contour Frost Ballpen
Contour Frost Ballpen ›

From £0.17

Frosted finish barrel to match the frosted rubberised grip for a very chic look.
MIN QTY: 250

Duo Pen
Duo Pen ›

From £0.58

Twist-mechanism ballpen and neon highlighter all in one. White or coloured barrel, with colour co-ordinated highlighter and black ballpen…
MIN QTY: 250

Full Colour Highlighter Pen
Full Colour Highlighter Pen ›

From £0.82

Twist action ballpoint pen and long lasting yellow highlighter in one. Soft rubber grip. A clear prtective cap keeps the highlighter ink…
MIN QTY: 250

Gallery Ballpen
Gallery Ballpen ›

From £0.78

Classic style plastic pen with removeable cap.
MIN QTY: 250

Lamy Logo Ballpoint Pen
Lamy Logo Ballpoint Pen ›

From £4.34

The Lamy Logo ballpoint pen features stainless steel body with a matt brushed finish. Integrated push button system. Matching pencil,…
MIN QTY: 100

Latina ballpen
Latina ballpen ›

From £1.80

Latina classically styled ballpen in three gloss lacquered colours with bright chrome fittings and a high quality Parker style refill.…
MIN QTY: 100

Mirage Ballpen
Mirage Ballpen ›

From £3.89

The Mirage ball pen is a quality twist mechanism ballpen in anodised aluminium with chrome fittings. Available in Matt Silver, Black or…

Mirage Touchpad Ballpen
Mirage Touchpad Ballpen ›

From £4.62

The Mirage touchpad ball pen, a multi-function twist mechanism pen with a rubber touch stylus for use with smart phones and tablets. Made in…

Nautic Touch Pad Pen
Nautic Touch Pad Pen ›

From £3.50

The Nautic touchpad pen features a glossy chrome barrel so the engraving comes out shiny rather than dull. The touch pad is specifically…
MIN QTY: 100

Prodir DS3.1 Ballpen
Prodir DS3.1 Ballpen ›

From £0.68

The Prodir DS3.1, the design-led evolution of the iconic DS3, with a larger clip providing a larger print area, improved twist mechanism.…
MIN QTY: 500

Santorini Ballpen
Santorini Ballpen ›

From £1.14

Santorini ballpen features matt lacquered barrel with chrome fittings and metal parker style refill. Available colours; Black, Silver, Blue,…
MIN QTY: 250

Senator Super Hit Basic
Senator Super Hit Basic ›

From £0.20

The original and best-selling promotional ballpen available in a wide range of standard colours. Fitted with a 'best in class' black…
MIN QTY: 500

Squiggle Deluxe Ballpen
Squiggle Deluxe Ballpen ›

From £0.62

The Squiggle deluxe ballpen comes with an art deco chrome clip and soft rubber grip for writing comfort. Large branding area on the barrel.…
MIN QTY: 250